Piano, keyboard or guitar lessons in Amsterdam

Are you looking for piano, keyboard or guitar lessons in Amsterdam? Muziek maken in AmsterdamAt music school ‘Speelmuziek’ you receive customisation with personal mentoring at a reasonable price. My name is Ton Weenink. To me, playing music mostly means joy and I convey that in my lessons. I teach piano, keyboard and guitar, at various levels. Do you want to take lessons in keyboard instruments? I mentor starting musicians to advanced musicians who want to go to the conservatory. I teach electronic and acoustic guitar to starting musicians and musicians at the mid-level.

Who can take music lessons with me?

I teach piano, keyboard or guitar to adults and children aged eight and over. Have you never played piano, keyboard of guitar before and are you keen to learn how? I am thrilled to teach you how wonderful it is to make music. Did you already receive lessons as a child and do you want to pick up playing the guitar or piano again? I will get you on your way again and the feel for music will quickly return. I am also pleased to assist you if you are not progressing with another music teacher or music school, by adjusting myself to your style of learning. I am pleased to assist advanced musicians, who are going to the conservatory, with their keyboard instrument.

How do I teach?

Because everybody is different, I teach my lessons in an individual and fully customised way. Motivation is the decisive factor in the success of your music lesson, and certainly not just talent. If I teach music to you then what matters most to me is retrieving your motivation to play the piano, keyboard or guitar. I would also like to know what your musical preferences are in terms of style and improvisation, what techniques you prefer and how you learn best. For example: do you enjoy improvising? Then we will do so abundantly. Do you prefer highlighting the theory a bit more, then we focus on that. Of course, a mix is also always part of the options.

How often should you take piano, keyboard or guitar lessons?

When you want to learn how to play an instrument or when you want to become a better musician, it is best to meet every week or once every two weeks for a music lesson. Of course, you will need to practise a lot at home, because the only way to learn playing music well is to practise a lot. But also listening to music, going to a concert, being around people who love and play music, looking at instruments and reading biographies of musicians will all help you being active with music. Because that is what will keep you motivated to learn how to play your instruments even better.

Are you enthusiastic? Then book a trial lesson!

Would you like to book a piano, keyboard or guitar lesson without commitment? I teach at the Woestduinstraat in Amsterdam Oud Zuid, near the Hoofddorpplein or at your home. Send me an email via info@speelmuziek or call me on 020 – 758 34 11 or 06 – 21 46 09 76, or fill in the form on the contact page. If so required, I can also advise you on an instrument.